Tournament Update:

Nov. 26, 2016, 10:20 pm

The Surf College Cup team met this evening after today's rain and evaluated each field at the facility to assess the condition of the fields, and after consulting with facility owners, club coaches, maintenance experts, and event staff, we have come to the only conclusion that makes sense: we must cancel tomorrow's games. Most of the fields are under an inch of water tonight, with more rain expected tonight and tomorrow accompanied by high winds. We'd like nothing more than to proceed with our event that has already hosted tremendous soccer on Friday and Saturday, but we felt that proceeding in poor conditions would present an unacceptable safety risk to the amazing athletes participating in our event and threaten the integrity of the game. In this case, alternate venues were considered but would not guarantee better conditions, and would not produce the conditions that a record 530 college coaches came to witness this year.

This decision to cancel the third day of the event is gut wrenching for us because we know how much time, energy, effort and expense each team, each family and each player has expended and how much this opportunity to perform in front of college coaches means. This is the first time in 36 years of event management that we have had even a partial cancellation, but the current and forecasted conditions have forced us to make a decision that no one wants.

Mike Connerley
President, Surf Cup Sports


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