College Cup Referees

We have been able to attract a terrific group of referees for this weekend. They include two referees from PRO (MLS); 11 International Referees that include FIFA and former FIFA referees; a CONCACAF National assessor, and high level referees from Cal South, Cal North, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Illinois, Colorado and Wisconsin. ... More

College Cup Livestream

Day One - Friday, Nov. 25: Girls U15 - Utah Alliance vs. AZ Arsenal - Field 22 - 7:30am Girls U15 - SD Surf vs Broomfield Blast - Field 13 - 7:30am Boys-U18 - SD Surf vs. Chadwick Int'l - Field 22 - 9:10am Boys-U17 - FDA Australia vs. Alianza - Field 13 - 9:10am Boys-U19 - Seattle United vs. FC Dallas - Field 22 - 11am Girls... More

Game Time Footage

Game Time Footage

We'd like to announce a new video service agreement with GameTime Footage (GTF) for the Surf College Cup November 25-27, 2016. GTF will be on-site at Surf College Cup videotaping games in high definition which will be available to you for post-game purchase. GTF will be filming a majority of the games at the tournament - contact them directly ... More

NJ Stallions

NJ Stallions Freedom NPL U16 (2001) The NJ Stallions Freedom NPL U16 (2001) team is a 2-time State Champion of New Jersey. They have attended the last 3 Region 1 Championships, winning 5 out of 9 games and finishing group runners up on each occasion. Last year, they won Region 1 Champions League and Region 1 Playoffs. They also won the ... More

Irvine Slammers FC B99 Premier

To Europe and Back! After winning its Flight 1 league championship in Southern California and the prestigious Manchester City tournament in San Diego, the Irvine Slammers FC B99 Premier prepped for the 2016/17 soccer season by playing top level clubs from around the world. The team's goal is to play world class soccer. Toward that end, ... More

Albion SC Boys 2000 Academy 1

Albion SC Boys 2000 Academy-1

Coach Rick Brown's Albion SC 2000 Academy-1 team remains a Top-100 team in the nation according to and is currently ranked 6th among all teams in Southern California. At the midpoint of their Coast Soccer League Premier Division regular season play, the team is on pace to continue a meteoric rise in the polls as the boys have ... More

Help us promote your club and your team

If you have any interesting stories about your team, or about their journey to become the "best of the best", we'd love to hear from you! We will be featuring team profiles and highlighting special teams for college coaches in the coming weeks. Send us pictures, stories, or any other information about your team that you think is newsworthy.... More