College Cup Referees

We have been able to attract a terrific group of referees for this weekend. They include two referees from PRO (MLS); 11 International Referees that include FIFA and former FIFA referees; a CONCACAF National assessor, and high level referees from Cal South, Cal North, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Illinois, Colorado and Wisconsin.

At least 25 of the referees will be assessed during their matches by national or state assessors. Assessments are required for referees to recertify for 2017 or to upgrade to a higher referee grade. The entire referee team is assessed, and will receive both an oral debriefing and a written assessment (with score). The San Diego County Soccer Referee Association is paying $25 toward each of the assessment fees (which is paid by the referee), and this proved to be a very powerful incentive.

More than 225 referees have pre-registered to attend the symposium. There are four retired international referees speaking at the symposium who will be present in Oceanside to observe and mentor referees: Mark Halsey, Keith Hackett, Roger Dikes and Glenn Turner.